เมมเบรน ชนิดกาวในตัว


  • Cold applied, safety application
  • Excellence adhesion to primed concrete substrates
  • Easy to applied, Fast application
  • Ensure uniform thickness of waterproofing membrane, avoids the “thin spots”
  • CPM rubberized compouned is self-protected and self sealing to minor punture


Description is a cold applied , elastomeric CPM modified bituminus water proofing membranes, reinforced with a non woven polyester mat with PE finish. Under side surface is the high quality easity removable release paper, which protects the adhesive side of the membrane during storage. A selvage provides excellent adhesion at overlaps and ensures the continuity of the waterproofing membrane system.

Method of Application

1.Surface PreparationConrete substrate where the membranes are to be applied should be free from voids, dirt, grease, loose or coarse aggreates, and sharp protrusions.New concrete shall be water cured, wood floot finished, and be a minimum of 21 days old.

2.Primer – porous substrate such as cocrete or brick sould then be treated with CP (CPM) Membrane at coverage rate of 0.15 – 0.25 ltr/m2 depending on porosity and allow to dry before application. Metal surfaces do not required any priming.

3.CleaningTools and equipments should be cleaned after application.

Aera of Application

  • Roof slab
  • Planter Boxes and Landscape Decks
  • Basement and below ground Structure
  • Viaducts and tanks pools
  • Tunnel and bridge decks

Instruction for Use

  • The surfaces should be dry, clean, and free from loose materials, other contamination as well as free from oils and fats. Installation is recommend between 10˚C and 40˚C
  • The application of CP (CPM) Membrane apply on the primed base should be carried out within 1-2 Hr. to ensure an efficient adhesion of subsequent coatings to the underlying bases
  • CP (CPM) Membrane shall lain by peeling back the protective release paper and applying the adhesive face on to the prepare surface. The material should be brushed on to the surface to ensure good initial bond.
  • The adjacent rolls are aligned and overlapped 6.5 mm. minimum at side and ends and well rolled with a firm pressure complete adhesion and continuity between layers.


  • CP (CMP) Membrane is extremely tough.
  • CP (CMP) Membrane have very long life.
  • CP (CMP) Membrane have uniform thickness.
  • CP (CMP) Membrane have high flexibility and adhesion.
  • CP (CMP) Membrane have low vapor transmission ratter.
  • CP (CMP) Membrane have high puncture resistance.
  • CP (CMP) Membrane is cold applied.

Precautions & Limitations

CP (CPM) Membrane is not resistant to direct sunlight

Shelf life & Storage

One year minimum when stored as recommended. Store out of direct sunlight and in cool dry conditions for best result

Other product Categories available

  • Waterproofing
  • Repairing System
  • Admixtures & Concrete Production
  • Coating & Paints
  • Tiling Fixing & Construction Adhesive
  • Grout & Anchors

Packing : CP-Membrane 1.5 mm.- 1 m. × 20 m. Per Roll

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