mortar plasticiser

special feature

  • Better Work-ability
  • Reduces trowel drag thus speeds up the work of laying bricks
  • Rendering walls.
  • Replaces the use of lime
  • Reduction of water/cement ratio
  • Improves bond and consolidation


is a ready to use liquidfor producing a more uniformlycohesive quality concrete to meetthe specifications and needs ofarchitects consulting engineers and contractors. CP-STAR replaces limein the mix and reduces the amount ofwater required to achieve the required workability, thus reducing the possibilityof drying shrinkage which can result in cracking and crazing. Minute bubblesof air entrained in the hardened mortar provide space for the expansion of water.

direction for use

  • Add CP-STAR at the rate of 1 litre per 12 bags of Ordinary Portland Cement. Never add directly to the dry aggregates.It can be also used in lime/sand mortars as a further precaution against frost.


  • Keep out of reach of children. Keep in a cool place. If in contact with eyes, rinse with plenty of water and seek medical attention if irritation develops. If in contact with skin, wash immediately with soap and water. If swallowed, do notinduce vomiting, drink milk and seek medical attention.

packaging – 20 litre, 200 litre sizes available
color – brow


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